Bulldog Results at Mediterranean Winner ’14 Weekend – Cyprus


Cyprus and the Cyprus Kennel Club has a tradition in organizing great shows! And the weekend of the Mediterranean Winner 2014 (30 May – 1 June 2014) was no exception! Participants, judges and visitors enjoyed a great show!

The results of the Bulldogs in all the shows that took place at the weekend are the following:

National Dog Show 30/5/14 – Judge: Mr. Chris Zeniou
Best Pro Puppy of Breed & 3rd Best Baby In Show: Spell My Name Ms Oprah
Best Junior Of Breed: Evita Peron The First Lady Of Jumbo Bulls
Open Class Female: Beatrice The Queen Of Jumbo Bulls
Open Class Male: Ceasar The Great Of Jumbo Bulls
Best Of Breed & 4th in Group: Ceasar The Great of Jumbo Bulls.




National Dog Show 31/5/14 – Judge:Mr. Chris Paschopoulos
Best Junior Of Breed: Bob The Anarchist of Anarchy Bulldogs
Open Class: Ceasar The Great of Jumbobulls
BOB: Ceasar The Great of Jumbobulls.


International Dog Show – Aphrodite Winner 31/05/14 – Judge: Mr. Savvas Hadjisavvas
Best Pro Puppy & 2nd Pro Puppy In Show: Famous Captain Of Jumbo Bulls
Best Junior Of Breed : Bob The anarchist of anarchy bulldogs.
Open Male: Braveheart Tiger of Jumbo Bulls
Open Female: Beatrice The Queen of Jumbo Bulls
Champion Class: Ceasar The Great of Jumbo Bulls
Best Of Breed: Beatrice the Queen of Jumbo Bulls
Aphrodite Winners: Ceasar The Great, Beatrice the queen, Bob the anarchist of anarchy bulldogs


Mediterranean Winner 2014 01/06/14 – Judge: Mr. Stefan Sinko
Best Pro Puppy & Mediterranean Baby Winner 2014 & Best Baby In Show: Spell My Name Ms Oprah
Best Junior of Breed: Bob the anarchist of anarchy bulldogs
Open Class: Ceasar the great of Jumbo bulls
Champion Class: Merrivinbrook the Zorro
Best Of Breed & Mediterranean Winner 2014: Ceasar The Great of Jumbo Bulls