About Us


The Bulldog Times is a  news site dedicated to our favorite breed.

A site that hopes to become the global resource for all news, gossips, show results, info and more about the Bulldogs! Sometimes we will also share news about dogs in general but they will be important for our breed also!

Just to clarify… when we say “Bulldog” we mean only the breed known also as English Bulldog or British Bulldog!
All major organizations like FCI, AKC and the country of origin Kennel Club recognize the breed only as Bulldog, this is the official breed name and this is the one we use around here!

We will not compete with any related site around! On the contrary we will link to them and promote great content!

In order to succeed we need your help! Please send us all your news, results, articles, links, photographs and whatever else you think that Bulldog aficionados would like to see and also share our articles and links in the social media (follow us on Facebook and Twitter), inform your friends and help us grow and evolve to the Bulldog site you want to read every day!

For the love of the Bulldogs,

The Bulldog Times team.